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Tattoo Aftercare

After your tattoo, we will apply a bandage. The bandage is used to protect your new tattoo from any airborne bacteria and should not be removed for 2-6 hours when a sterile non-adherant dressing is used, and 12-24 hours when Tatu-Derm hypo-allergenic dressing is used.H2Ocean Tattoo Aftercare Upon removing the bandage, wash the tattoo thoroughly with cold water, and an gentle, fragrence free soap such as H2Ocean Blue Green Soap. The area may be tender, but it is important that you remove any dried blood or fluid. Gently pat dry the tattoo with a clean towel or paper towel. DO NOT RE-BANDAGE THE TATTOO. Once clean you may apply a small amount of H2Ocean tattoo foam or H2Ocean cream using your fingertips. Repeat application 3-5 times daily until all scabbing, flaking and milky skin comes off. Always wash your hands prior to touching your tattoo. Do not soak your tattoo in hot tubs or baths.

We have found that the majority of tattoos heal within 7-10 days. However, each individual heals differently. If a scab forms on your new tattoo, DO NOT PICK OR SCRATCH AT IT. After the initial scab falls off, some people experience a secondary flake known as milky skin. If your tattoo appears cloudy, but brightens when the lotion is applied, then you probably have milky skin. This will go away in a few days with regular application of the lotion. Don't be alarmed if your scab is accompanied by itching. When showering with your new tattoo do not allow the shower to beat directly on it as it may be tender.

Do not expose your new tattoo to direct sunlight as it will burn in as little as 10 minutes and result in prolonged healing, excessive scabbing and some loss of colour.

Do not listen to the advise of your peers. If you have any questions regarding the proper healing of your tattoo please contact our studio and a member of our staff will be more than happy to assist you.


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