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Mike Chartrand

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Mike's Blood Borne Pathogens CertificateMike's first introduction to tattooing was as a child seeing his family members who had adorned their bodies with a lot of colour. In 1991 he suffered the loss of a close friend. Mike felt the best way to honor his memory was to get a tattoo celebrating his life and the friendship they had enjoyed. After meeting and discussing his ideas with Brian, at Beachcombers Tattoo Studio in Toronto, Mike received his first tattoo. It was at that moment Mike knew that he belonged in the tattoo industry. He collected tattoos from various tattoo artists over the next few years and as time passed his passion for tattooing became more and more clear to him. In 2001 he met James, who had recently became the owner of Big Dave's Tattoo Studio, which would soon evolve to become Metal 'n' Ink Tattoos. After Big Dave's retirement from tattooing in the Hamilton area, Mike spent a lot of time in the studio with James, getting tattooed and assisting him with remodeling and modernizing the studio. Within the year Mike was offered an apprenticeship by James. Thanks to the support of friends and family he accepted the opportunity and spent the next three years learning his craft. In the summer of 2005 Mike moved to the British Columbia where he worked at various studios. However, they never felt like home. In the summer of 2006 Mike returned to his roots and has been an artist and part of the Metal 'n' Ink family ever since.


  • Vivid Color
  • Tribal
  • Lettering
  • New School
  • Traditional

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